Official MOON Whitepaper

What is MOON?

MOON is the ultimate Metaverse where you can explore, colonize and create a thriving civilization on the moon! Developed on the binance blockchain, MOON is an interactive game that takes you on an out-of-this-world adventure, offering a plethora of opportunities to build businesses, form communities, and engage in social and political activities, all set in a captivating lunar landscape.

Powered by artificial intelligence, MOON draws inspiration from some of the most successful open-ended and real-time strategy games in history, including Sim City, Rise of Nations, and Age of Empires. With 126,000 HEX virtual land plots represented by NFTs, players can start their own businesses, construct real estate, and engage in other activities to earn native tokens (2MOON). Lunar land plots can be sold, rented, consolidated, and formed into political entities (countries), which can then forge alliances, declare war, and impose taxes on all economic activity within their borders - just like in the real world.

The MOON ecosystem also comprises a vast range of in-game NFT assets such as oxygen supplies, excavation equipment, shops products, weapons, etc. What's more, the game offers an abundance of play-to-earn activities that can reward players with extra 2MOON tokens, including solving lunar mysteries, exploring the dark side of the moon, and uncovering conspiracy theories.

Looking towards the future, MOON aims to take the game to new heights by allowing players to travel through space, starting from the moon, and even creating potential new interplanetary metaverses. With its unique gameplay, powered by AI, a diverse range of NFTs, and an ecosystem built to increase the utility of 2MOON token, MOON is poised to become the next major successful game in the metaverse space.

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