Moon Whitepaper

Game Add-Ons


Add-Ons are in-game tools and resources represented by NFTs. PLayers can purchase them with 2MOON tokens. They can be used to:
● Improve economic performance/efficiency.
● Accelerate development of a Moon country.
● Increase the strength of a Moon country's military.
The available add-ons will include building materials, mining equipment, oxyxgen supplies, weaponry, Know-How top-ups(to accelerate a country's development), Moon shuttles (for transporting people and goods), and astro powers (special esoteric powers that help solve lunar mysteries and win wars whilst providing other performance enhancements).

War Dynamics

The outcome of war in Moon is governed by an algorithm that considers:
  1. 1.
    Overall weaponry and military resources
  2. 2.
    Landholding size
  3. 3.
War is played out over multiple rounds and continues until both parties agree to cease, or one party is unable to continue due to lack of firepower. Rounds are similar to those found in the game Risk. A random-number generator's results are weighed randomly against the size of the weapons cache and land resources. This allows countries that are outnumbered in military size and outmatched in resources, to have a chance of victory in battle.