Gameplay Roles

Moon’s gameplay is based on the principle roles


These are the visionaries and entrepreneurs who are transforming the MOON into a thriving civilization! Armed with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and forward-thinking ideas, pioneers are determining which services and products to offer, establishing robust supply chains, and crafting innovative sales strategies to cater to the needs of the lunar inhabitants. With the acquisition of land, technology, and resources, they are laying the groundwork for a flourishing economy that will provide ample employment and opportunities for colonisers.


These are the tech-savvy, innovative academics who possess the power to create the ultimate conditions for economic and social prosperity! They excel at allocating resources with unparalleled efficiency and skillfully planning community-based economic activities, earning well-deserved rewards for their efforts.


Generals are responsible for the very foundation of lunar society! With the aid of cutting-edge artificial intelligence, they navigate the complex realm of political, administrative, and military decision-making, shaping the formation and interactions of MOON communities and countries. From resolving disputes between lunar states to negotiating alliances and, in the most extreme circumstances, engaging in wars, these leaders leave an indelible mark on the future of the MOON.

Players may play one or more roles simultaneously.

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