Moon Whitepaper

Gameplay Roles

Moon’s gameplay is based on the principle roles


These are the visionaries and entrepreneurs who aim to make the moon into a productive new civilization. They work on deciding what services and products to supply, how to establish strong supply chains, and how to sell to the new inhabitants of Moon. They accumulate the land, technology, and resources needed to build a viable economy, providing jobs and opportunities to colonizers.


These are the technologists, the academics, and the people who have the know-how to create the most attractive conditions for economic and social development. They are rewarded for allocating resources effectively and efficiently, in addition to planning economic activity on a community basis.


Every civilisation needs rules, laws, and a common understanding of what it stands for. Generals are the ones tasked with the political, administrative, and military decisions that affect the formation of communities/countries on the Moon and how they interact with each other. This includes managing disputes between Moon states, negotiations, alliances, and in the most extreme cases - war.
Players may play one or more roles simultaneously.