Gameplay Mechanics

The main elements of Moon’s gameplay

Moon Companies

These are the administrative units that pave the way for businesses to flourish. From startups to established corporations, each company operates based on the fundamental principles of material inputs, energy inputs, labour inputs, and output product/service.

Companies rely on their ability to acquire the necessary materials for manufacturing or service provision, and all transactions are completed using the universal 2MOON tokens. While some resources are available on a HEX land plot (i.e., iron, graphite, etc.), others must be obtained elsewhere to keep operations running smoothly.

The Moon Labour Market

On the MOON a dedicated workforce is tirelessly building, servicing, and manufacturing everything necessary for a thriving community. Here, labour is the backbone of all economic activity, and with the help of artificial intelligence, companies can optimise their workforce to achieve new heights of productivity.

The Moon Marketplace

This is the bustling marketplace of MOON, where companies and players come together to trade and exchange goods. With the help of advanced artificial intelligence, this open bid system allows for seamless transactions as products and services are showcased and acquired by eager bidders.

The Moon Country Structure

In order to thrive and survive, every country on MOON must develop three crucial governance components:

  • Military - defends against invasions and can even expand a country's territory through strategic invasions.

  • Fiscal administration - responsible for managing tax revenues and government spending.

  • Political structure/Governance - determines how the country's decisions are made and how national affairs are managed.

The Moon Trading Mechanics

The MOON ecosystem relies on trade with ERTHA to continue thriving, and this trade is governed by a set of important rules and agreements between the two metaverses:

  • MOON country governments play a vital role in deciding which resources can be imported and exported, with the ability to impose bans, quotas, and tariffs.

  • ERTHA can also place restrictions on goods being imported or exported from the MOON ecosystem.

  • MOON countries may require companies and players to obtain special licences for certain categories of goods, to regulate trade.


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