In-Game Rewards

Players are rewarded with additional 2MOON tokens and NFTs by participating in competitions and quests. These include:

Solving Lunar Mysteries

On MOON, players will have the opportunity to unlock valuable NFTs and 2MOON tokens as rewards by solving the long-standing mysteries that have baffled humanity for centuries, with the help of advanced artificial intelligence that makes the gameplay even more exciting and engaging.

Exploring The Dark Side of The Moon

We can only see 59% of the moon from Earth. MOON's new colonisers will have the opportunity to travel to the MOON and uncover its mysteries with the help of advanced AI technology, participating in exciting exploration competitions that will take them to different regions of the Moon, and rewarding the top-100 players for their accomplishments.

Conspiracy Theories

MOON's exciting games combine knowledge of popular conspiracy theories with skill-based gameplay, testing players' reaction times, ingenuity, and courage, and rewarding the best players with valuable prizes.


MOON offers players a chance to explore the depths of space with missions to other planets and beneath the lunar surface, where they can uncover rare resources, love, and wealth using advanced intergalactic ships powered by artificial intelligence technology.

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