Moon Whitepaper

In-Game Rewards

Players are rewarded with additional 2MOON tokens and NFTs by participating in competitions and quests. These include:

Solving Lunar Mysteries

The Moon is home to mysteries that have left humanity baffled for centuries. The most astute players will work to solve them, unlocking valuable NFTs and 2MOON tokens as rewards. Both will help players to build their new countries faster and to be stronger.

Exploring The Dark Side of The Moon

We can only see 59% of the Moon from Earth. Moon’s new colonizers have the opportunity to travel there and discover what it's been hiding. Exploration competitions will be held regularly, with the top-100 players being rewarded. These games are puzzles that will take players to different regions of the Moon.

Conspiracy Theories

Moon offers a series of games that mix knowledge of the most popular conspiracy theories with exciting skill-based gameplay. Players will have their reaction times, ingenuity, and courage tested. Fun and electrifying at the same time, the best players will be rewarded with valuable rewards.


In Moon, it's possible to go on missions to other planets and even below the lunar surface. Players could find happiness, love, rare resources, and money. To participate in these missions players can build intergalactic ships far more advanced than those available on Ertha.