Moon Whitepaper

Land & Countries

The two main pillars of Moon’s gameplay


Each of Moon’s limited supply of 126,000 HEX land plots is a valuable NFT that can be used to achieve a variety of goals:
● It can be bought, sold, traded, and rented among Moon participants and outside of the Moon ecosystem on crypto exchanges.
● It can house companies, living quarters, shopping areas, and other activities generating economic value.
● It can be used to extract mineral resources, which are then used to develop the economy of the land plot itself or sold to other Moon countries or to Ertha.
● It can house companies that are built to manufacture in-game NFTs, a further source of income that expands the default add-ons of Moon (See Moon - Game Add-Ons).
● All economic activities on a land plot can be taxed by the plot’s owner/administrator.
● You are not allowed to interfere with the security features of the application or site.
All revenue generated by land plots are denominated in the native 2MOON token.


Owners of land in any quantity can declare their territory as sovereign political and administrative entities. Moon countries can:
● Levy taxes and fees on inhabitants and all other types of economic activities occurring within their borders.
● Form alliances and partnerships with other Moon countries.
● Control commerce with other countries and Ertha.
● Control armies and go to war against other Moon countries if necessary.