Land & Countries

The two main pillars of Moon’s gameplay


Each of MOON’s limited supply of 126,000 HEX land plots is a valuable NFT that can be used to achieve a variety of goals:

● Buy, sell, trade, and rent your land plot among MOON participants or even beyond the MOON ecosystem on crypto exchanges.

● Establish thriving economic activities on your land plot - from companies and living quarters to shopping areas and mineral extraction - reap the rewards of a booming lunar economy.

● House companies that manufacture in-game NFTs, opening up a lucrative new revenue stream that expands MOON’s default add-ons and pushes the boundaries of what's possible in the virtual world (See MOON - Game Add-Ons).

● As the owner/administrator of a land plot, you can tax all economic activities within your borders.

All revenue generated by land plots is denominated in the native 2MOON token, cementing the importance of this digital asset in the new economy of the MOON.


With ownership of any amount of land, you can declare your territory a sovereign political and administrative entity, establishing your own MOON country and accessing a host of exciting new opportunities:

● Levy taxes and fees on inhabitants and economic activities within your borders.

● Form alliances and partnerships with other MOON countries, unlocking new possibilities for collaboration and innovation.

● Control commerce with other countries and even with ERTHA, cementing your position as a key player in the new economic landscape.

● Control armies and engage in warfare to protect your country's interests and ensure your continued dominance in the exciting new world of the MOON.

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